• Research Interests
    • Evidence-based policy
    • Policy innovation
    • Complex wicked problems
    • Program evaluation
    • Organisational review
    • Early intervention and prevention
    • Social inclusion
    • Leadership strategies
    • Collaboration and consultation
    • Integrity and accountability
    • Service delivery innovation
    • Engaged research


  • Publications


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  • Professor Brian Head joined the University of Queensland in mid-2007 after holding senior roles in government, universities, and the non-government sector. He is the author or editor of several books and numerous articles on public management, governance, social isues and environmental policy. His major interests are evidence-based policy, complex or 'wicked' problems, program evaluation, early intervention and prevention, collaboration and consultation, public accountability and leadership. He has undertaken several consultancies on program evaluation, policy review, organisational performance, and good governance processes. He has strong interests in applied research across many areas of public policy and governance, and is committed to building closer links between the research and policy sectors.

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